Wholesale Enquiries

Hello!  This is us, Mr & Mrs KKA (otherwise known as Lau & Nick!).  So, you're interested in selling our products, huh?  

Read below to find out how!

Knick Knacks Attic is a rapidly growing business based in the North East of England.

We sell our products on a wholesale level at extremely competitive prices to allow you to create a business of your very own that you can be proud of whilst getting an excellent return on your investment.

As an individual, you can sell my products to friends, family, neighbours and colleagues... Whoever you want. For little outlay for your first order, you can start reaping the benefits straight away. 

As a Trade Stockist you can have my wax products in your online store, bricks and mortar shop or even on your market stall.  The possibilities are endless.  

Don't delay - fill in the enquiries form below and I will contact you soon to discuss your requirements!

Wholesale Enquiry
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